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Learn how to make Estonian PIDUPÄEVA KRINGEL with our Master Chef Lagle.
It’s the most fanciest and festive Kringel out there!  It is rich in butter, raisins, chocolate and hazelnuts.

What to bring:
1. Bigger bowl 3-5 litres (where you can mix your own dough; any material – plastic/metal)
2. Two clean kitchen towels. One for cleaning your hands but also for covering your pastry
3. Wooden spoon
4. Hand whisk (not electrical)
5. Apron
6. Optional: kitchen scale (if you do not have it, we will share).
7. Optional: your choice of alcohol where to soak the raisins
8. Optional: cardboard or a platter to transport your Kringel home (or you can eat it on the spot), about 40x40cm

If you do not have something from the list, please, do not be concerned as we will help you out!

Date: Saturday, 10 July 2021 from 10am till 4pm
Price: $95 per person (includes 6-hour workshop, printed recipe to add notes, ingredients to bake the Kringel PLUS you can take your Kringel home!)

Registration closes 9 July 2021 10am.

Purchase tickets here.

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