• Yes and yes
  • We recommend using an online booking system, such as TryBooking  
  • Under the COVID Safe rules there are capacity limits for each area. These are including any members of the organising party (as at 7 December 2020):
    • Main hall* – 49 people (98m²
    • Small/Side hall – 32 people (64m²)
    • Stage – 13 people (27m²)
    • Bar – 7 people (14m²)  
    • Lower ground hall – 32 people (64m²)   
    • Lower ground kitchen – 7 people (15m²) 
    • Backstage multi-function room – 33 people (66m²)
  • If there is a group activity (anything that involves congregation such as dancing, singing, workshops), then in the main hall the restriction to visitors is 20 people, plus 4 people from the event organising committee
  • The Co-Op manages the safety plan which is freely available by contacting co-op@sydneyeestiselts.org.au

* Note that under the NSW liqueur licence, maximum capacity in the main hall is 120 people.

  • Only if the bar is required to be open for sales, then the relevant Alcohol Licence Holder must be present
  • Seating guests is not required but it is recommended in order to comply with the current 1.5 meter distancing rule
  • Yes, as you sign in there is a COVID Safe QR code that needs to be scanned to check in at the Estonian House
  • All visitors need to do this
  • Yes, food can be served
  • If your organisation is serving food a COVID safety plan is required
  • View the ‘COVID-19 Safety Plan for Restaurants & Cafes’ here
  • Yes, the consumption of alcohol is restricted to the main hall

Last updated 7 December 2020

For enquiries regarding the COVID-19 FAQs, contact us by completing the ‘Co-op Enquiries’ form on our Contact page.